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Baby Girl and Dolly Blanket – My Crochet project

Baby blanket and Baby Doll blanket 2We are very anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby granddaughter.

To make the wait go by faster, grandma, that means me, started a crocheting project of a blanket for the baby and her baby doll.

I used my favorite Softee Baby Blanket Yarn by Bernat, since it is very soft, and not too thick,

The width of the blanket is 120 single crochets.  The design is made of three double crochets in every 3rd single crochet.  The edging in white yarn is also of shells, but these are three triple crochets in every 3rd single crochet.

Here are some pictures of my baby and dolly blankets:

Baby blanket 2

Baby blanket 1

This is the Baby Blanket.  Don’t you just love these soft confetti colors?  Also soooo soft.

Baby blanket - close up view

Here is the close up view of the pattern of the blanket and the edging.

Baby blanket and Baby Doll blanket 2

Baby Doll blanket

Now you see the nicely folded Baby Blanket, the Baby Doll Blanket, and a close up view of the Baby Doll Blanket (to the right).

I made baby blankets before, check out these links if you wish:

This one is for a blanket, two hats, and booties for my grandson.

Here is a blanket and a hat for my other grandson.

Blanket and a diaper cake for a friend.

I began crocheting matching baby doll blankets when my first granddaughter was born.

Girls have such a natural nurturing instinct, and as soon as they start to play with dolls, they treat them like real babies.

I loved watching my granddaughter use that little baby doll blanket on her doll all the time, which inspired me to continue to crochet matching blankets for baby girls and their dolls.

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