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Crocheting Fun and Counting Stitches

Crocheting is a fun activity anytime, but even more fun during a quite intense election time.  While others were busy counting votes, I enjoyed counting stitches of my crocheting project.

I managed to crochet a beautiful baby blanket and a baby hat, which I will display in this post. 

Baby Girl and Dolly Blanket – My Crochet project

We are very anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby granddaughter.

To make the wait go by faster, grandma, that means me, started a crocheting project of a blanket for the baby and her baby doll.

Crocheting Project – Baby Set

I embroidered an Easter outfit for my granddaughter this past spring, so now the time has come to make something special for my, very soon to join us, grandson.

We are extremely excited, and anxiously awaiting his arrival. What can bring more love and satisfaction than making something with your own hands, and throughout the whole process keeping that person in mind, and close to your heart.