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Breakfast Quiches – Fat Smash Diet Recipe


Breakfast-Mini-Quiche-servingBreakfast Mini Quiche - serving- cross section

Phase I of the Fat Smash Diet is halfway through, and if you joined me on this venture, you must be as ecstatic about it as I am.  This is the most challenging phase of the whole program.

I needed to intensify (just a little)  my daily exercise, due to the unfavorable weather conditions hindering my walking routine.

Today I was thinking about some new items to add to my menu, and realized that the breakfast quiches, I posted in the past, would make a great breakfast, or snack,  with some modification to the original recipe.

Check out the original recipe, and make these adjustments:

  • Take out the bacon
  • Use low fat cheese
  • Use FF or low fat milk
  • Add another vegetable (broccoli, asparagus, spinach)

If you have any other suitable recipes  for this phase of the Fat Smash Diet, or any of the future phases, please share them with us.

I will also share any new recipe I get to try out.

Good Luck!

Keep up the good work!

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