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Bridal Shower – Fun Decorations and Games

Once again I was honored to attend a Bridal Shower which was very elegant and fun, hosted by the Mother of the Bride.

It took place at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey. The venue and the view was beautiful.

This was my first bridal shower which also included a very nicely prepared cocktail hour, in addition to a delicious main course meal served later on.

All the guests had personal seating arrangement card displayed in the cocktail room.


The Bride To Be loves flowers used in Ukrainian wreath arrangements, such as Poppies, Sunflowers, Daisies and Cornflowers, hence these were utilized in the decor for her Bridal Shower.


Here are some very creative and beautiful gift wrapping ideas matching the decoration theme for this party.

Gorgeous centerpieces.


The “Sweets Table” was filled with delicious pastries, chocolate covered strawberries, beautiful cake with handmade sugar Poppy flowers, and lots of candy selections.

After a delicious meal and champagne toast, we enjoyed the opening of the gifts and playing several fun games.

One gift stood out, as it was a “Recipe Book”  carefully prepared by the sister of the Bride as the Maid of Honor, out of favorite recipes shared by the family and friends of the Bride and Groom.

They both love to cook, so it will be a very special gift cherished for many years ahead.

“Guess the Groom” game was a scratch and see card, which revealed a picture of a popular male figure (celebrity, presidents, sportsmen…etc), but one card at each table had the picture of the Groom. Whoever got that card was the winner of the centerpiece on that table.

Another fun game was to guess the age of the Bride and Groom, based on their randomly selected childhood pictures displayed in a collage at the entry to the party room.

There was one more game to check who knew the Bride and Groom the best.  We were provided with a list of statements about each of them, then had to guess whom these statements pertained to.

The winners of each game received a nice prize.

After we enjoyed the decadent desserts, each guest received a lovely “Thank You” favor to take home, as well as  “fill your own bag” with a favorite candy from the candy bar.

We all had a wonderful time, and hope you enjoyed these pictures and party ideas.


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