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My July Beauties

July is hot…and sometimes with heavy rains which just run off and leave the soil dry again.  I water my garden couple of times per week just to keep my plants somewhat hydrated.

Today I will share some of the currently blooming flowers, which I just adore visiting every morning to check on the new ones opening up. It makes my day the coffee does for others….:-)

Black Eyed Susan

Blue Hydrangea


Cream Dahlia

Cream Echinacea

Dwarf Orange Canna Lilly

Pink Echinacea


Red Roses

White Echinacea

Yellow Mums

Pink Dwarf Zinnia

Now you know why I call them “My Beauties”…..because they all are breathtaking and gorgeous!

My favorite this year is the Dahlia.  So far the cream one opened up, I am still waiting to discover the colors of the others ones.  Will share of course, once they are in full bloom…:-)

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