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Crochet Project – It’s a Boy!

Baby blanket and a hat 2My husband and I have been blessed with a third grandchild.

We already have a granddaughter and a grandson, and now we have a brand new grandson, once again.

We are elated, and love them all dearly.

Any grandparents out there understand the feeling, and those who are still waiting for such exciting moment, please be patient, and it will happen when the time is right.

I love creating handmade items, and admire the talent and patience of others who devote themselves to such projects.

In the past I made an embroidered outfit for my granddaughter, a blanket set for my first grandson, and this one I just completed for my new grandson.

Of course, I have to share these with all of you, and to spread the great news!

Baby blanket

Here is the baby blanket, with a white trim.

Baby blanket - finish edging

This is the finish edging I selected for the above blanket.

Baby hat

This is his first hat from grandma, to keep him cozy and warm during his naps.  He will be taking plenty of these for a while…or at least that is what we all hope for.

Since this grandson was born at the beginning of a summer season, I did not crochet him any booties, like I did for my other grandson, who was born in the fall, and lives in a cooler climate.

I would love to hear your grandparents stories.  Please share.

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