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Fat Tuesday – Time for Paczki

Easy-Paczki-Quick-Donuts-300x178The Great Lent has began today for the Eastern Right Catholics, but for the Roman Catholics, it starts on Ash Wednesday.

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras – in French), which always falls before Ash Wednesday (beginning of the Great Lent for Christians).

So by tradition, everyone loves to eat, drink, and be merry, on Fat Tuesday.

Many of the Eastern Europeans indulge in homemade donuts, Pampushky (in Ukrainian), or “Paczki” (in Polish).

I found a fairly easy recipe for this delicacy, on one of the websites I frequently visit, where my  friend, Babara , posts many Eastern European recipes.

I also noticed that many grocery stores have “Paczki” available around this time of the year.  They are even labeled as  “Paczki”, rather than ” Polish Donuts”.

If you live in  New Jersey, or New York City, you can find fresh ones (soooo delicious) at these establishments:

East Village Meat Market and Deli

139 Second Ave., New York City, NY  (between 8th and 9th Street)

Owner: Julian Bachynsky



Pulaski Meat Products

123 North Wood Ave, Linden, NJ


If you are up to making these for tomorrow, you may click on this link, to get to my post for the recipe.

However, if you prefer something comparable in taste, but steamed rather than fried, click on the link below, to view my recipe for Steamed Dumplings:

Steamed Fruit Dumplings – Recipe and Technique

Enjoy your Fat Tuesday!!

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