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Five Layers Jello Dessert

layered jelloYou can never go wrong with a jello dessert, especially for parties with mostly ladies, since even though it is not calorie free, it feels lighter than baked goods.

Actually you can make it lighter than my recipe, which I already posted previously for only three layers jello dessert, by using sugar free jello, 1/3 fat or fat free cream cheese.

I already posted a recipe for this jello dessert (click this link)  with only three layers, but decided to share a photo of 5 layers, which adds one more layer of jello, and you split the cheese mixture in half, to create two cheese layers.

I prefer the 5 layers, since the cream layers are thinner, and complement the jello layers more favorably.

If you made this jello dessert, please let me know which one you prefer, the three layers or the five layers.

Thank you.



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