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Whole Wheat Varenyky(Pierogi) – Recipe

Whole Wheat Varenyky-PierogiesDid you ever have a moment when you set your mind on preparing something for dinner, and then you realize that you are short on the amount of the main ingredient?

Well, this happened to me today when I was so set to make some varenyky (Ukrainian word for Pierogi), and realized that I was one cup short of  all purpose flour, and had barely any sour cream available.  I could not stop my project now, since I already prepared the potato filling, so in disbelief I began to search my cupboards, and found  a bag of Whole Wheat flour.

I used Whole  Wheat flour before, to make homemade pasta, and it was great, just a bit nutty tasting, so I decided to use it for my varenyky today.

I used the same recipe for varenyky, as I already posted on this blog before, with the following changes:

  1. 1  cup of Whole Wheat flour in addition to 3 cups of all purpose flour.
  2. 1/4 cup of vegetable oil, and 1 Tbs of sour cream, instead of 1/2  cup of sour cream.
  3. I might have used a little more liquid, to get the dough to the same consistency as with regular flour.

The directions are the same as for my regular varenyky, with the exception of rolling out the dough much thinner, so the finished product will not be too tough, since the whole wheat flour makes the dough a bit denser.

They looked tan, rather than their usual color, but tasted great, and after all,  were healthier for the family, as whole wheat flour is known for those qualities.

I sauteed a lot of onions in vegetable oil and butter, to serve with these varenyky, as you already know, I did not have any sour cream left on hand.

As the old saying goes “There is always something good, that comes out of something bad”, and this cooking experience proved that point very well.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience, and next time you just might want to try making your varenyky (pierogi) out of whole wheat flour as well.

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