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Let it Snow..Let it Snow…Let it Snow…

Let it snow....let it snow...let it snowWe all love snow, but it just comes at the wrong time….or when we are not totally ready for it, don’t you agree?

Shopping is not done, cookies are not baked, the long trip home is still in the planning stages….but all has to be put on hold….to shovel the snow…oh well….”if you can’t get what you want, you have to want what you have”…isn’t that the truth!!!  It always could be worse….at least that is what I’m telling myself, to feel better.

So,  we got some snow, lots of snow, and it still is coming, so there will be more snow,  but at least it does not look like these pictures I am about to share with you (you see what I mean by making myself feel better?)

Harsh winter 2

Wow….that is brutal….

Harsh winter 5

At least we did not get that much snow…yet..

Harsh winter

Ok.   I think I am feeling better now.   Time to shovel again…

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