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Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies 2009 AI know some of you started baking your Christmas cookies  a while back, and are all done by now, but I just started this weekend, and if it wasn’t for the huge snow fall, and all the shoveling we had to do, I would have been done baking and posting my recipes, and pictures, for you to enjoy.

Today I am just giving you a preview of most of the cookies I baked, but will post the recipes and pictures in future posts.  You can try some of my recipes next year, or next time you feel like baking.

Then again, there are some of you who have not even started baking, since your Christmas is not until January 6th and 7th.  Lots of my family and friends also celebrate at that time.  Wish you all a very Merry Christmas, no matter when you celebrate.

This year my married children are traveling to spend Christmas with their in-laws, so we will celebrate Christmas twice, once on the 24th with some of our family and friends, and then on the 6th with all our children.  I can’t wait, this will be so much fun!!!

Ok.  Back to cookies.  This year I made some Ginger Chocolate Truffles,  Frosted Lemon Cookies, Pecan Butter Balls, Cream Wafers, Dycio Crescents, and still need to finish my Sugar Cookies.

Christmas cookies 2009 - Truffles Christmas cookies 2009 - Crescents, wafers, cookies

If you would like to see the recipes and the final product, please stay tuned, as I am hoping to complete posting them all by January 6th.

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