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My Garden and Flower Patch – New Additions For 2010

Sweet Williams flowerThose of you who enjoy gardening, will be excited to see the 2010 additions to my flower patch, and my vegetable garden.

Last year I posted all my monthly blooms from May through September, so as not to bore you, this year I will only share the new additions and any amazing changes to last year’s plants.

As you already know that I use only natural fertilizers and do not spray my vegetables with any chemicals.

I also deposit my kitchen vegetable scraps into my vegetable garden to create compost as an additional nutrient for my garden soil.  Some of these vegetable scraps include potato peels, or chunks of potatoes not suitable for cooking.  Many of these potato pieces sprouted into new potato plants, and will produce new potatoes for us to enjoy.

Potatoes are not one of those vegetables that most small gardeners would plant, as they take lots of space, and I am one of those gardeners.  However, this one is a keeper since it is so vibrant and in full bloom now, so it will produce at least 2-4 potatoes, enough for one dinner.  I am very excited about that, because homegrown potatoes are delicious.  At the bottom of this post I will share a close up picture of a potato flower, if you never had a chance to see one before.

Sweet Williams

Sweet Williams – what a perfect name for these flowers, as their fragrance is truly very sweet.  Aren’t they lovely?

Perfect for cut flower bouquets, but I prefer to admire them live, in my garden.

Day Lilies

These were here last year, but this year they really spread out and I totally admire the numerous blooms.

Roses in full bloom

Pruning these rose bushes this spring, resulted in numerous new branches, full of gorgeous blooms.

Potato PlantClose up of a Potato Flower

Here is my self grown potato plant, and a close up view of the potato flower.  I would be curious to know how many of my readers had ever seen a potato bloom before.

Artichoke plant Sweet Peas plants

This year I have added few artichoke plants and sweet peas.   Sweet peas will be able to produce this year, but the artichoke will only build up strength to produce next year.  I will share an update on its progress, and hopefully enjoy some fresh artichokes next year.

4 thoughts on “My Garden and Flower Patch – New Additions For 2010”

  1. Diana says:

    Thats pretty amazing that the beautiful potato plant and flowers bloomed from potato scraps. And it’s true I have never seen a potato flower! Very unique flower. Your garden is so colorful and full of life, your grand daughter must love it! 🙂

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    Thank you so much for your comments. I looooove reading comments…and leaving them at other sites as well..that is what makes it so much more fun to write a blog.
    I am so glad I posted the potato flower, because I am sure lots of people did not have the opportunity to see one close up.

  3. Lori says:

    When I was a young teen and lived on the farm we had a huge potato patch so I’ve been lucky enough to see them………..with that being said, I didn’t appreciate their beauty then, so thank you very much for sharing!

  4. Suburban Grandma says:

    It is so true, that many things we take for-granted during our younger years, we truly appreciate later on. I can attest to that as well.

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