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Quality Time With My Granddaughter

Colorful flower - close-up viewmaking dessert   Experimenting with Celery root

We all have our own way of measuring our success, and counting our blessings.

As for me, I feel very fortunate to have wonderful children, and now adorable grandchildren.

I love spending my free time with them, listen to their stories, admire their imagination, and often time act as their student.  You will be surprised how much you learn about them, by letting them be the teacher.

Today I will share some of the fun stuff my granddaughter and I got into, while spending a weekend together at my house.

We started our day with making breakfast together.  She loves helping out in the kitchen.

We made her favorite Pan Apple Fritter (this link will take you to the recipe).


Children really enjoy eating the food they help to prepare.

We went for a walk, and stopped at a nearby playground, since she loves the jungle gym, and the slides.

Beautiful ButterflyColorful flower

the fun of braiding

She created a beautiful butterfly out of construction paper, pipe cleaners and pom poms.  We also made a beautiful flower out of cut up toilet paper roll, cardboard, paper plate, water paints, and pom poms.

We practiced braiding with strands of yarn, and ribbon.

Experimenting with Celery rootExperimenting with Celery root 2


We are experimenting with growing our own celery, by placing a cut off end of a celery root in a shallow water bath.  Only a week later, it already looked promising, so we transplanted it into a pot.

Ukrainian Alphabet

We always set aside few minutes to continue our Ukrainian culture, by learning the Ukrainian Alphabet (Cyrillic Alphabet shown above), so very soon she will be able to start reading and writing in Ukrainian.

She is doing an excellent job with writing her name in Ukrainian, and her vocabulary list is growing at a steady pace.

We sing, play games, do puzzles, read books, and watch movies.

Making Palushky

Having fun making a Palushky flower


Batch of Palushky ready to boil

We also made dinner together….her favorite dumplingsPalushky- (click here for a link to the recipe).

She not only enjoyed making them…..

Enjoying the fruits of the laborYummm....those Palushky were delicious

but also eating her own homemade dinner….yumm!

She was very proud to take some home to share with her family.  Her little brother loves them as well!

Jello Lemon Puddingmaking dessertDessert time - Lemon Pudding 2

We needed a quick dessert, to top off this wonderful experience, so Jello Instant Pudding came to the rescue.

She worked very diligently, whipping it all up to a perfect consistency, and finished the job with a smile.  How sweet is that.

We had a wonderful time.  It was a learning experience, and an unforgettable quality time together.

It is a blessing to be a parent, but words can not describe the joy of being a grandparent.

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