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Strawberry Soup – Refreshing Recipe

Strawberry SeasonStrawberry season is in full swing now in my garden.  This year’s crop is quite abundant.

There are so many different ways to consume strawberries, such us serving it plain, sliced with whipped cream, baking a Strawberry Shortcake, making a berry smoothie, and also cooking a very refreshing summer dish – Strawberry Soup.

The recipe for the Polish Strawberry Soup has been posted by Barbara Rolek on her blog.

This weekend,  I prepared this dish  for my family, as it only took minutes to prepare.   It may be served as an appetizer, a refreshing drink any time, or with a dessert.

Barbara suggested serving it hot, or chilled, with pasta, however my family requested it chilled, without pasta.

I tried my strawberry soup warm, topped off with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream, and it was just perfect!

We also agreed that it would be great as a base for a cocktail drink (with rum or vodka), or as a salad dressing for an exotic salad of fresh spinach with mandarin orange segments, walnuts and strawberries, maybe with a dab of vinegar to add some tartness to it.

If you had the pleasure of tasting Strawberry Soup, or decide to try some of the above suggestions, we would love to hear your comments.

TIP:  Any leftover soup can be used to make Popsicles.   Great for kids and adults!!

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