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Gardening Time

Sorrel leavesThe weather has been so cooperative lately, just perfect for gardening.

If you read my gardening posts last year, (you my check the links below this post) you already know that gardening is one of my fun ways of spending time outdoors, and enjoying nature.

Last year I showed you my new plant, “sorrel”, which is doing very well, as it is a perennial plant, but this year it decided to grow long stalks, full of buds for blooms, thus new seeds for future new plants.

Overgrown Sorrel plants Sorrel plants growing into buds and seeds

Take a look how “stalky” these plants look like this year?  See the close up on the right, it really should never come to that point, unless you want it to bloom and produce seeds for next year’s new plants.  I chopped off all the hard, long stalks, very close to the ground and discarded them, as I do not wish to have any additional seeds, but rather nice fresh leaves to use in my dishes.

So if you also planted your sorrel plants last year, and did not have a chance to check on them this year yet, you will find them looking just like mine, and need to act quickly to clear it up.

This is the most beautiful time of the year, because my flower garden is continuously in bloom.

I finally found some time to work in my vegetable garden, and seeded some red beets, parsley, dill, cilantro,basil, spinach, cucumbers, green bean, sweet peas, and zucchini.

I also planted my seedlings of tomatoes, artichokes and red and green peppers.  This sounds like a large garden, but it actually is quite small, but this year I decided to plant cucumbers in planters next to my fence, as well as zucchini, since they took lots of room last year in my garden.

I make my own compost from the vegetable scraps from my kitchen, and realized that my potato peels, tomato and pepper seeds, sprouted into nice plants.  How exciting is that?

This spring I followed the gardening rule, and trimmed my raspberry bushes, and rose bushes.

Raspberry bushes My vibrant rose bush

I can’t believe how nicely they are growing now.   The raspberry bushes are full of buds, which means lots of upcoming raspberries, and the rose bushes are looking very vibrant and healthy, and full of buds ready to bloom.

I also have an English Walnut tree, and can’t wait until it starts bearing walnuts.

English Walnut Tree

This walnut tree is only 4 years old, so I think I still have to wait a couple more years before it will start producing nuts.

Here I have a questions to my readers, as I have these two bushes, and do not know the name for this plant.

It is from Poland from my parents garden, and they called it “Bozy Drzewek”, so if anyone can recognize this bush, please let me know if these are found here in the US and what are they called?

No name bush = Bozydrzewek Bozydrzewek - close up

Here you can see what this bush looks like, and then a close up of the type of foliage it consists of.  For winter, the greenery dries up after a frost hits it, and only the bare branches stay up through the winter.  But in spring it starts all over again with new foliage, which  is very soft, and fragrant.

So, if you recognize this plant, please leave me a message or send me an email, as what is the name of this plant and does it have any other uses besides being a nice, fragrant bush in my garden, which brings my thoughts back to my birthplace and my family.

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