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Farewell To My Summer Garden

Summer has been technically over several weeks ago, but in my garden, summer is just coming to an end.

Fewer flowers are opening up, more and more plants are drying off, and my vegetable garden is not producing new crops…just letting the remaining ones complete their cycle.

We had few very cold nights already, but today was a gorgeous day; so with the help of my camera, I captured the remaining beauties in my garden.

Through this post, I am sharing with you my flower garden, and my vegetable garden.

Please lay back, relax, and enjoy Mother’s Nature summer colors!

You have enjoyed all my current flowers, now I will share my vegetable garden.  I can’t believe new tomato plants sprouted in my garden, so I will try to grow tomatoes indoors during the winter season.  Since tomato plants self-pollinate, I am hoping that I will have nice, red tomatoes in the second season this year.

If any of you ever grew tomatoes indoors….off the regular growing season,….I would be very interested in hearing your story about your success, or disappointment.   Thank you!

I saved the best for last….this year’s final pick of the season.

You might not be familiar with the plant in the picture just above this basket of veggies… I will introduce it to you today.  It looks like Italian Flat Leaf Parsley or Celery, and its taste leans more towards Celery.

The name is “Lubchyk”  in Ukrainian and Polish, and Lovage in English (you may click on the highlighted name to get to the web page about this perennial herb).

My childhood memories sent me a wild goose chase for this herb since my mother used it a lot in her European cooking.  My sister was able to find the seeds in Poland, so I planted them in the pot first, then will transplant them into my garden, in spring.

I would be curious to know if any of you ever came across this herb, or use it in your cooking.  Please share your thoughts.

Hopefully, you enjoyed these pictures, as much as I enjoy working with these plants.


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