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The Temple – Phase Four – The Fat Smash Diet

Wow….it seems like I was just working on my first post about The Fat Smash Diet, introducing you to the whole routine, and now we have completed all the most important steps, learned lots of great lessons about food and portion control, got into our daily exercise routine, and posses some great lessons for life.

That is a sure thing.

Don’t you agree?

These are our accomplishments:

  • We have Detoxed our body
  • Laid a super Foundation
  • Constructed a routine
  • Built a Temple for Life

All is left to do now is to “Practice what we Preached, and if we slip and fall occasionally, we know that is fine and totally fixable.

We have the tools we need, the willpower to do it, and the determination to keep it up.  We already know the rewards.

Enjoy the New You!

Happy trails!

Stay happy and healthy!

Share all you have learned, with your family and friends!

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