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Yukon Gold Potatoes – Grown in my Garden

new potatoesIf you recall my previous post, this year I planted some Yukon Gold potatoes.

It takes several months for potatoes to fully mature, but I rather use mine when they are very young and fresh.

Today I dug up several of these potatoes from under the growing plants and tried to leave the little ones behind to continue to grow, but as you can see some broke away, so I picked them as well.

If you do pick some of the larger potatoes from under the potato bush, you still need to make a soil mound around the plant, as it was before, to protect the still growing remaining potatoes.

Any potatoes exposed to light will turn green, thus not suitable for consumption.  My first crop already produced at least 10 lbs of potatoes, and I still have 4 more potato plants growing.

All this from ONE Yukon Gold potato!  Pretty good deal, wouldn’t you say?

New potatoes are so much tastier than the full-grown ones, and best of all, they do not need to be peeled.

new potatoes - no peeling needed


The skin is tissue paper-thin and is easily scraped off with a paring knife (the potato juice might stain your fingers).  They also can be cooked with the skin on, and served that way, or scraped off once cooled.

I love new potatoes, boiled, cut up into chunks, and flavored with sauteed butter and dill, with salt and pepper to taste.

My grandma would also serve homemade white cheese (resembling cottage cheese) mixed with sour cream, as a side dish with her new boiled potatoes, plus a cup of fresh buttermilk.  A simple meal, but 100% organic!

I never acquired the taste for buttermilk as a drink, however, I do use it in baking and cooking.

Do you like buttermilk?

Did you ever enjoy new potatoes freshly from the garden?

Please share your thoughts, and serving ideas.

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