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Coronavirus – Cover Your Faces In Public Places

None of us would have ever imagined in our wildest dreams, the velocity of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately it is real, it is here and everywhere, and we are dealing with it the best we know how.

Everyone is pulling together to help one another in any way they can, by sewing masks, donating their own supply of professional masks to medical facilities, donating funds to Food Banks, students helping out at grocery stores with curbside pick ups and shopping for seniors, checking up on seniors without families nearby, teachers and parents working together to keep the education going via ZOOM and other social platforms, restaurants offering take outs and donating food to medical staff at the hospitals, etc.

Please share in the comments section of this post, in what other ways you were able to contribute to the community in this time of great need.  Thank you!


If you need to make your mask fit snugger or to reduce the pressure on the back of your ears from the mask’s ear loops, then you can use your special way, or this easy way from your own office supplies at your work place.

All you need is either 1 large rubber band and 1 large paper clip, or 2 large rubber bands and 1 small paper clip…depending on the amount of tension you want to release.



I have been sewing homemade cloth masks for local Pharmacies and Little Sisters of the Poor.  I also shared some of the masks with my neighbors, family and friends.

I made 65 masks for the pharmacy, 35 masks for the Sisters, and about 20 masks to give away to others.  My daughter and my neighbor donated most of the fabric and elastic, and I was sewing at least 6 hours every day for over 3 weeks now.

During this time my son was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was successfully fighting it at home, even though he and his family were very diligent with keeping their distance and applying ALL the suggested precautions at home.  Being  employed in a healthcare profession obviously puts you at a much higher risk of contracting this virus, or other diseases, especially without being provided with the necessary PPE.

We all are very Thankful to God, and to everyone for all their prayers, that our son was able to beat it, and to move on with his professional and family life.

Our Deepest Sympathy, our thoughts and our prayers, go out to all other families whose loved ones were not as fortunate in their recovery, and passed on.

While sewing these masks and dealing with the stress of our son’s illness, I was thinking about the purpose of my masks, which inspired me to compose a short poem and to share it with all of you today.

I hope my message will resonate in everyone’s mind, so they think before they act, and contribute to beating this unthinkable disease.

Here is my short poem:

From dawn to dusk
We’re sewing face masks

Please cover your faces
In public places

Be an Ace
Don’t touch your face

Keep washing your hands
For at least twenty seconds

Do your part
Stay six feet apart

Follow Social Distance
With diligence and persistence

As we all know it
We must beat this bad ass COVID

Let’s stand united
In support to fight it

By V. K. Z aka Suburbangrandma

Please pass on this message to others to encourage them to do the right thing, to help beat this virus, and to totally flatten the curve.

Thank you.

Please stay safe and healthy!

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