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My Vegetable Garden 2015

My vegetable gardenFirst of all, thank you all for being concerned about me, due to a slight inactivity on my blog.

All is well, and I am doing fine, I apologize for the slow down.

My overwhelming May schedule prevented me from finding time to keep up with my blog, but I should be back on track now…:-)

Today I will share some pictures of my vegetable garden, now that I had time to weed it, and transplant some of my seedlings.  The last few days were quite rainy, so all my plants  experienced an instant growth spurt.

Also, please check out the links to some of my recipes, utilizing these vegetables.

Bush Green Beans

Green Beans.  I like the bush type, since they don’t need any stakes to support them.  You may like to try my Green Bean Vinaigrette recipe.

Zucchini, Cherry Tomato

Zucchini plants.  I usually planted Yellow Squash and Zucchini, and really enjoy a very easy  Zucchini Casserole.

Red Beets, Eggplant, Tomato

Planting Red Beets is a must in my garden.  I enjoy making Borscht from the root and Botvinka soup from the leaves.  Red Beet Vinaigrette, as well as Exotic Red Beet Salad are my favorite ways to prepare this vegetable.

Pickling Cucumbers

My pickling cucumbers are doing fairly well so far.  These are my favorite, since they are great for pickling, and to use in salads.

Sorrel leavesSorrel is a perennial plant, and thrives without much care.  All you have to do is to cut off the thick stalks which flower, and turn into seeds.

Once the plant has too many old leaves and stalks, I cut it down to about 2 inches above ground, to grow new leaves again.

My favorite dish to prepare from sorrel leaves is Sorrel Borscht.

I am curious if any of you have other recipes to make out of sorrel leaves…if so, please share.


This is my first year growing spinach.  I love to use these iron rich spinach leaves in my garden salad.

Red PotatoesI plant potatoes every year.  I tried Yukon Gold, Idaho, Russet, and this time have planted Red potatoes.  I like using them in Potato Leek Soup, Potato Salad, and for Varenyky (Perogy) filling.

Onion, Green Beans, Lettuce, Dill, Red Beets, Zucchini, Tomatoes

Here we have Butterhead Lettuce. Fresh lettuce from the garden is such a treat for assembling your own Chef’s Salad. for lunch, or light dinner.  Behind the lettuce are two Cherry Tomato plants, which will produce an abundance of sweet cherry tomatoes, until frost.

Yellow Squash and Dill Weed

Here is a nice bunch of Dill Weed, behind the zucchini plant.  I love using dill in all my soups, mushroom gravy, cucumber salad, and I make a delicious Dill Sauce.

Sweet Peppers - yellow, orange, red

These tiny plants are Sweet Peppers.  I seeded them from fresh seeds taken out of sweet peppers I used for cooking.  I just transplanted them couple of days ago, to give them more room for future growth.  I was so surprised to see all the seeds sprout so nicely.

These are my Free veggies….One year I also grew Free potatoes from potato peels which I buried in my garden and they sprouted…I was so excited to see them grow to maturity.

My vegetable garden 2015

Besides vegetables, I also have a strawberry patch, which is full of ready to pick strawberries.  My grandchildren get very excited about picking their own strawberries.

Raspberry bushesHere are my raspberry bushes, which are fairly sparse on fruit this year, due to being transplanted last fall, and trying to establish themselves in their new location. Next year they will produce a lot of fruit, just like they did in the past.  These plants produce only once per season, but I plan to add another variety which produces more often.

I am also researching different types of thornless Blackberry bushes which can produce fruit in stages, from June through late Fall.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my veggies, and tried some of the recipes I shared with you in this blog.

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