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Decadent Tortes – Links and Pictures to Recipes


To simplify the search for my favorite recipes posted on my blog, I am creating groups of related recipes for everyone’s convenience.

This way you can go to one post where you will be able to view all the pictures of the recipes under that group and click on the link provided for the recipe you are interested in.

I think you will appreciate the time saved searching for recipes in my very broad selection which continues to expand further.

I already posted a group of my favorite recipes of cookies and sheet cakes, hence this post will encompass all my current torte recipes with links to the actual recipes.

I will post all the CHOCOLATE cake recipes first, to satisfy chocolate lovers….:-)….then I will follow with the vanilla cakes.

Chocolate Cake with Fleur De Sel Caramel filling

Dark Chocolate and Ganache Torte

Bailey’s Caramel Irish Cream Torte

Cocoa Cake with Peanutbutter Frosting

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Cake – Light Recipe

Pecan Chocolate Cake – Atkins Diet Recipe

Ukrainian Walnut Torte

Coffee Cream Cake

Orange Torte

Irene’s Torte

Raspberry Torte – Ukrainian Recipe

Double-Decker Pineapple Upside- Down Cake

Carrot Cake with Crem Cheese Frosting

Upside-Down Rhubarb Cake

Strawberry Mousse Cake – No bake recipe

Summer Fruit Tart

Creamy Cheesecake

Cranberry Cheesecake

Jello Cheesecake –  No-bake recipe

Ice Cream Cake

I hope you had the patience to scroll all the way down to view all the pictures and got motivated to bake something special.  Thank you!

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