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Zucchini and Goat Cheese Fritters – Recipe

Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable to work with, and I used to be able to have lots of success with growing zucchini in my garden, however lately the zucchini bug has been extremely aggressive and impossible to keep away, so I have given up on it.

There is plenty of fresh zucchini at any farmer’s market and grocery store, so that is where mine come from now.

Since I was frying my zucchini fitters, I blotted them off on a couple of layers of paper towels to remove any excess frying oil.

Zucchini makes a nutritious vegetable side dish or a yummy casserole, but I came across and tried a great new recipe for Zucchini and Goat Cheese Fritters.  If you are not a big fan of fried foods, then you can try the Baked Zucchini Fritters.

The first time I tried this recipe, I did not have Goat Cheese on hand, so I used Cottage Cheese instead, and they still tasted great.  In my next batch I tried PrimoTaglio Garlic & Herbs Goat Cheese, and they were just as delicious.

I made some modifications to the original recipe, by adding other veggies to suit my taste.

Zucchini and Goat Cheese Fritters – Recipe

Zucchini and Goat Cheese Fritters – Recipe


  • 2 medium zucchini
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/4 cup of scallions, chopped
  • 1 medium clove garlic, minced
  • 1 medium carrot, shredded
  • 1 Tbs. red peppers, chopped
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3 oz. goat cheese (or cottage cheese)
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp Black pepper
  • Canola oil, for frying


  1. Wash the zucchini.
  2. Shred on a large eye grater, over a colander.
  3. Mix in salt, and let the juices drain out.
  4. Squeeze out more moisture from this mixture, with your cupped hands over a colander, or you can use cheese cloth, to make them even dryer.
  5. Place squeezed zucchini in a medium bowl.
  6. Beat egg slightly, and add to zucchini.
  7. Sprinkle the flour over the zucchini, and mix it in to incorporate.
  8. Mix in chopped scallions, garlic, carrots, and peppers.
  9. Mix in black pepper.
  10. Fold in cheese.
  11. Heat 1 Tbs oil in a sauce pan.
  12. Drop 1/4 cup mounds of of zucchini mixture into the hot oil, flattening them with the back of a spoon to form pancakes, and spreading them about 1/2 inch apart, so they don't stick together, and are easy to turn over.
  13. Fry for about 3 minutes on one side.
  14. Turn them over, and fry for another 2-3 minutes.
  15. Remove them onto a plate lined with a double layer of paper towel, to absorb any extra oil.
  16. Serve them hot with a dollop of sour cream, plain yogurt, mushroom gravy, or as plain as they are.

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