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June Veggie and Flower Garden

It has been a while since I posted an update of my garden…my favorite place for relaxation.

So much already has happened in my garden by now.  All my annual and perennial plants are up, some already passed their bloom time, others are just getting ready.  My June Strawberries are all gone already, and my Blackberries are getting ready to ripen.

Here are some pictures of my plants at the end of June….:-)

This is the size of my veggie garden. It is relatively a small area, but I’ve grown many different veggies in it, as you will see from the series of pictures I am sharing below.

Here I have Green Leaf Lettuce, and this year I am trying to grow Romaine Lettuce.  I also have cucumber plants here, Italian Flat Leaf Parsley from last year to use for seeds for next year.  In the second half of this plot, I also have Garlic, Sorrel, Rhubarb, Dill and Scallions….but you already seen these pictures in my Spring 2020 Garden post.

This is my second plot, and most thriving at the moment.  Here I have self seeded potatoes (from potato peels which I bury in there after harvest).  Also, some Dill, Asparagus, Red Beets, Green Beans, and more cucumber plants behind the Beans…next to the fence so it serves as a trellis for them.  To the left, you can see some of my Winter Garlic from the first plot.

This is the other side of plot #2, to zero in on the “Free Potatoes”, and the Asparagus, which needs one more year to establish itself before I can actually start cutting it down for consumption.

Here is plot #3, which also has some ” Free Potatoes”…In couple more weeks I will dig them up and enjoy a nice meal with boiled potatoes smothered with butter and dill….yum!  I am also growing tomatoes here, which will have more room once the potatoes are dug up.  One Basil plant, few Bell Pepper plants, and more cucumbers.

Here is a close up view of the cucumbers in plot #3.  Some will climb on the fence, and one has its own trellis.

This is may huge Zucchini plant.  I have 4 plants all together, but this one is the biggest so far and already blooming.  It must love its spot at the edge of my strawberry patch…:-)

These are my Everbearing Strawberries.  They are 2 years old now, and more established now. They already produced some berries, but are blooming again, and will continue to produce fruit until the end of August.  I am working on switching my whole strawberry patch to just these, and slowly wean out the June Bearing Strawberries I currently have as well.

This is the current June Bearing Strawberry patch, which is done producing berries for this year, so I cut them down, to renovate them, and mulched the patch with chopped up Iris leaves, in place of straw, since I did not have any on hand.

These will start growing runners with new plants on them, which normally can by used for planting new plants, but since I am fazing them out, I will cut them off and discard them, so the mother plants continue to gain strength for next year’s harvest.  In a couple of years I should have enough new plants from the Everbearing Strawberries to replace these with.

Please note the abundance of fruit on just one of the branches of my Thornless Blackeberry bush.  The whole bush is filled with berries.

I got my nylon mesh cover ready to cover them up with, once the birds discover them and have a picnic…:-)  Next week all these berries will most likely be ripe and ready for picking.

I love planting veggies, to have them fresh and organic for consumption, but I really LOVE my flowers for their gorgeous color and beauty.  It bring so much joy to me to see new blooms every day, in addition to the sweet aroma filing the morning and evening air all around my garden.

This Hydrangea blooms in yellow and blue right now, but later on it turns in to a mauve color, then late fall into a more beige and finally the flowers just dry up and take on a light beige color and stay that way until winter.

Echinacea is so easy to care for, so resilient, and it produces such pretty flowers.

The Red Yarrow came from my daughter, as she was thinning out her perennials last year.  All her plants grow so huge, while mine tend to stay on a smaller side….no complaints here  🙂

Here you also see a nice Traffic Light Poker lurking from behind (picture on the left), and in the picture on the right, another Red Yarrow plant, a Daylily and Baby Sun Coreopsis.  The Coreopsis grew much taller than I would like it to be, so to give it adequate support, it got the corner spot by the fence.

These Purple Phlox plants also came from my daughter, and are trying to establish themselves in their new home.  They are surrounded by Creeping Phlox, with a splash of color from Moonbeam Coreopsis, Paper White Easter Lily, and Purple Bell Campanulo.

I just had to include my National Park Redwood Roses and Pink Baby Roses.

These pink roses were supposed to have been a dwarf type, that is why I selected them for the front entry to our house, but they are much taller than I was hoping for.

Next Spring I plan to cut them down, and maybe that will keep them shorter and fuller.

Thank you for taking the time to view all my pictures, and hopefully it helped you relax and enjoy few minutes with Mother Nature in my garden.  Happy Summer!

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