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My Organic Garden – Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables

blushing-strawberries2I already showed you some of my flower patches, and I mentioned my small organic garden, which I started two years ago. All my plants are cultivated in a mix of mushroom soil and organic gardening soil. I do not use any additional fertilizers, and definitely no pesticides.

I grow perennial herbs and fruits, and annual vegetables.


This is my organic garden.

Here are some of the plants in my garden:

italian-parsley-from-last-year1 dill-weed5oregano-and-chives-from-last-year4


green-beans red-beetspotato-plantl

Parsley, Basil, Dill Weed, Oregano,Green Beans, Potato Plant, Red Beets

The fruit group includes:





Blueberry Bush, Blueberry Flowers, Green Blueberry Fruits

raspberry-bushes1 raspberries-still-green-fruit1raspberry-blooms1

Raspberry Bushes , Raspberry Flowers , Raspberry Green Fruits

strawberry-bush-already-forming-fruit1 blushing-strawberries3



Blooming Strawberries,  Blushing Fruits , First Harvest

My vegetables selection changes annually, but mostly consists of: Tomatoes, Zucchini, Summer Yellow Squash, Red Beets, Cucumbers, Green Beans, and this year I have added a couple of potato plants and Sorrel plants.

I will share some pictures of these as the “fruit of my labor” begins to show a little bit more.

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