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Breads and Rolls – Baking with Yeast Recipes

Baking is a lot of fun, but when you work with yeast for your baked goods, you need to set aside a much longer period of time to complete your project to allow for the rising time of the dough.  Plus you need a favorable temperature of your surroundings to have success with your baking.

I am dedicating this post to all my bread and rolls, and all recipes requiring yeast as the leavening agent.

Paska, Ukrainian Easter Bread

Country Babka – Homemade Sweet Bread

Delicious Homemade Rolls – based on a Japanese recipe

Sweet Dinner Rolls

Butter Rolls – European Recipe

 Sauerkraut Filled Pastry

Nut Horn Pastry

 Ukrainian Nut Roll (Apricot, Lekvar, Poppy Seed)

Pull-Apart Pizza Bread – filled with Pepperoni (you can use other sliced meats or sausages)

Homemade Bread – No-knead recipe

Homemade Bread – Simplest ever recipe

One Hour French Bread

No-Knead Bread – Dutch oven recipe

Garlic and Herb Bread   Dutch Oven recipe.

Homemade Doughnuts – Quick Recipe

Anna’s Ukrainian Doughnuts – My mom’s European Recipe.  These doughnuts are filled before cooking!

Steamed Fruit Filled Dumplings  This family recipe dates back to the 1800s to my German descent maternal great-grandmother.

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